Glenfiddich 12

Glenfiddich 12 is a very popular whisky for good reason. It is widely available, easy to drink, relatively inexpensive, and of decent quality. This will not be my first time tasting this particular brand and age category, but I will take the time to put finger to keyboard and write about it for the first time.

The box indicates it is matured and distilled in the VALLEY OF THE DEER…sounds ominous. The distillery has stood there since 1887. This malt is matured in Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks.

The colour is a light gold and swirling it under the lights reveals some legs that run rather quickly, perhaps giving away its age and strength. This is a whisky at 40% alcohol by volume, nowhere close to some of the cask strength offerings that appear to be gaining in popularity if the increased selection at the SAQ is any indication.

The scent of it is light as well. Almost sweet, I detect a hint of vanilla. Some fruitiness to it, maybe pear? Perhaps green grape?

The taste also reminds me of vanilla. Fruity, just like the smell. Almost like trail mix heavy in raisins. Not too nutty however. Very easy to drink, very smooth. Could be something that can be drank in interesting quantity…

The aftertaste does not linger too long, lasting about 10 seconds and almost all gone at that point. The finish retains a hint of fruitiness but gives way to some wood before nearly disappearing, leaving a soft touch of fruit. Almost like applejuice aftertaste.

Next step, I add a little bit of water. Supposedly, this opens up the flavour of the product.

The scent may have changed a bit with the water. My nose may not be sharp enough to smell the difference, but I think I am getting some nut or hazel…maybe chocolate.

The whisky is softer on the tongue now, but very little change in flavour.

The aftertaste is still quite soft and fruity. In short, this is a drink that does not appear to change much with water.

A good drink overall, something that one can easily indulge in regularly due to its easy drinking nature and soft, fruity taste. Now it is your turn to judge. Cheers!



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