Jack Daniel’s

So, I’m here at the TD Lounge at PET airport and I’m faced with a wall of self-serve bottles of all kinds of alcoholic beverages. I have decided to take the opportunity to taste some Jack Daniel’s. Basic Old number 7. Nothing fancy as the only other brands of whisky available are Canadian Club and Glenfiddich 12 which I have already reviewed.

The colour is a rich hue of gold. Looks very promising. Looks could be deceiving of course and this is not the first time I will be having some Jack. On the other hand, it’s been a while so let’s see what it offers.

The smell is sweet and fruity, but some hint of nut. A bit smoky, charred almost. Very nice to smell. I am not overwhelmed by the scent. Smelling note: keep your mouth open when you take in the odour. Otherwise, you may find it very strong and I for one have on occasion forgotten to properly prepare myself for the strength of the smell, bringing me quite near to tears.

On the tongue, it bites at first. Then releases it’s hold while the flavours penetrate the taste buds. Woody, charred again…yet some sweetness remains. Still, the wood is prominent in my opinion. You’ll let me know if you feel different.

Aftertaste leaves more charred wood than anything else. It lingers for a while, then bites down almost as a reminder that it was there.

This is not an easy drinker, lacking the smooth silkiness of the Glenfiddich. It is however a staple in bourbons and is quite good in its own right. Tough to compare an aged single malt to a bourbon I know and my only objective in so doing is to give the reader a basis for comparison.

I won’t be tasting this one with water as my current environment is not conducive for it, nor do I believe it necessary to do so with this brand.

Overall, the Jack is enjoyable in moderate quantity if one so wishes, but the tongue will pay the price. This is a drink that will put hair on one’s chest.




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