Glenfiddich 18

I must apologize for being sidetracked by some of the other whiskies I had the good forture of coming across since my last Glenfiddich tasting. I intended to taste and write about the 12, 15, and 18 in order. Better late than never though so here it goes.

According to the label on the box, The Glenfiddich 18 is aged in Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks and then placed in oak tuns for a minimum of 3 months is small numbered batches. My particular bottle contains product from batch #3269.

On the nose, I smell old leather. The sweet scent of dried fruit, almost like trailmix, is distiguishable. Some notes of dark chocolate as well. Paticularly Lindt 70% cocoa.

Upon swirling it in my glass, I notice the legs thicker and running more slowly than the 12 year old, if only slightly.

As I taste it, I feel the dark chocolate even more. But less sweetness and very little of the dried fruit I smelled. It does remind me of Lindt 70% cocoa, a fine chocolate. I prefer the 85% cocoa though, but I digress.

The aftertaste lingers, and continues to feed dark chocolate flavour to my senses. I still don’t get any of the sweetness I smelled at first.

Unlike the younger whiskies in the line, I don’t get any hints of vanilla in this one.

With a couple of drops of water, I notice the smell lightens and gives way to more fruit than anything else.

The flavour remains the same, but more silky and smooth. Still, the dark chocolate prevails and the dried fruits emerge.

The aftertaste lingers once again, slightly sweet at first, but giving way to the chocolate.

An wonderful choice, smooth on the senses and delivering an excellent drinking experience. This is one for the ages, the dark chocolate on the senses makes the Glenfiddich 18 my favorite to date. Enjoy this drink whenever you can, and I will not complain if you see fit to bring a bottle next time you visit.




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