Glengoyne 12 Cask Strength

A random selection for this tasting and one that, though I have owned some time, have rarely imbibed.

The Glengoyne is a scotch from the southern Highlands. I haven’t tasted any others from the Glengoyne distillery. Glengoyne offers a 10 year old, a 17, and a 21 on top of the 12. The only version of the 12 year old I have been able to find is the cask strength. There may not be another version offered. The label on the bottle indicates that this whisky is non chill filtered and that the barley used to produce the drink was dried using only warm air. I therefore expect no smoke or peat odour and flavour. The cask strength is 57.2% alcohol. A strong drink, no doubt, most probably made better by adding a bit of water. But let’s not resort to conjecture. The answer will soon be upon us.

In appearance, the drink is a light gold. Not as light as I expected and darker than the Bunnahabhain I tasted recently.

To smell the Glengoyne 12 is to experience the sweet smell of pear, very distinctly. Honey also comes to mind. Overall very pleasant. The scent does not betray the strength of the drink.

Strong on the tongue, I can taste barley but also the fruit. Very strong at cask strength, wow. Definitely not smooth and silky, quite the opposite. But excellent if this indeed represents the distillery’s other diluted offerings.

The finish is long, burns a bit, but does a good job satisfying the expectation of a fruity payoff.

With some water, I expected the colour to go cloudy as non-chill filtering apparently could result in such a change in the visual characteristic of the product. It did no such thing, still a light gold.

The smell is much stronger now, still pear and sweet. I’m reminded of honey nut Cheerios.

The taste is a bit softer, at first caramel and then much like Cheerios again. Pepper at the end. Warms the tongue nicely.

The finish is full of black pepper with little fruit this time. Leans more to the Cheerios and lingers this way until the end.

Overall, an excellent sipping whisky and should be good with a cigar. Definitely will try to acquire some of the others ages in the line as a result of this tasting. Cheers!



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