Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength

My last tasting was a whisky at cask strength and I find it suitable to follow that up with another. This time it’s Springbank’s 12 year old single malt at cask strength. This whisky is sold at 58.5% alcohol. Apparently this is a rather rare whisky produced in limited batches, this being the second batch produced. As with my previous tasting, this distiller appears to to produce its 12 year old whisky at cask strength.

The legs run thin an quick on this whisky, and the colour is a light to mid gold.

On the nose, I clearly smell orange and grapefruit. Some peat and smoke accompany the citrus. A pleasant experience, rich and bold on the nose. Charming. I am quite certain I have spent more time smelling this whisky than any other I have tasted to date.

On the tongue, I once again taste the citrus. Very strongly in fact. I also taste some smoke and almond. Black pepper rounds out the experience. Pleasant, well rounded, spicy, and rich. Delicious.

The finish is full of citrus and black pepper, hints of smoke and oil follow. This is a long lasting finish that compliments the overall experience perfectly. At the very end, it actually turns sweet. Satisfying.

Adding a few drops of water gives the smell some more smoke, but the dominant smell of citrus remains.

The taste opens up somewhat and adds some smoke while the pepper emerges after a few moments on the tongue, less strong than before. Slight hints of almond remain. The citrus still dominates, clearly retaining the orange and grapefruit characteristics.

The aftertaste continues to be satisfying, providing plently of citrus and adding a bit more smoke before fading into almond and sweetens at the very end.

Overall, this is one of the best I have tasted to date, definitely in the top 2. A rich, bold, well rounded experience to satisfy amateurs and seasoned veterans alike. Easy to drink yet leaving an impression that cannot soon be forgotton. Strongly recommended, I will say even required for any serious collection. I look forward to trying the others in the Springbank line.

In fact, I think I am ready for a second. Cheers!



2 comments on “Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength

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  2. David says:

    I wrote a review of batch number six on my blog a couple of weeks ago and just came across this review. Batch 6 tastes quite different to what you described here, it still has a bit of citrus, black pepper, peat, almond and everything you mentioned, but the fruity notes were more appley. It was also quite minerally, which it doesn’t sound like batch 2 was. Batch 6 was a bit weaker as well, 50.3% I think. I also spent more time smelling it than anything else I’ve tasted!

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