Aberlour 16

Looking through the available selection, and having tried a smoky, peaty, 16 year old whisky earlier, I decided to try something of similar age but different in flavour. The Aberlour is from Speyside and is double cask matured. The box indicates that the casks in question are traditional ex-bourbon and ex-sherry oak. It has a beautiful dark copper colour with very slow running and thick legs whe swirling in the glass.

To smell this product is to experience a sweet, dried fruit sensation. A bit of peanut mixed in there, quite, like trail mix but with a less raisin. The odour is smooth so as not to burn the back of the throat, even when taking it in with closed mouth.

The taste is perfectly married to the nose. A smooth whisky full of fruit and flowery notes. Sweet overall and rich.

The finish is long and compliments the rest of the experience. Slightly sweet but with an almond and cashew finish that lingers before giving way to more sweetness that fades very slowly.

With some water, all the experiences are enhanced. The smell is somewhat sweeter, the flavour more floral, the finish more nutty.

An excellent whisky, very easy to drink and appreciate. A compliment to any company and bound to make the evening a success.

The other ages in the line are definitely worth a try, with the A’Bunadh being the one I am most curious about.

Update July 8, 2012

On a second tasting yesterday, going back to this whisky proved to be quite a revelation. For whatever reason, my initial sampling did not do it justice, perhaps due to lack of experience at the time.

Some more bcakground is appropriate here, Aberlour makes two double cask matured versions of its whisky, the 12 year old and the 16. This version has an alcohol content of 43% alcohol by volume.

To my intitial tasting, I’ll add that I noted some strong elements of orange peel and apple. Some spice is evident towards the end and I will say that the peanut is soft and the fruit prevails.

The finish is sweet as well, the taste of honey is now obvious to me. I also recognize the lingering taste if the wood that goes back to honey before fading completely.

A much better whisky than my first impression may have suggested. Available across Quebec at of course, the SAQ.




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