Glenlivet 12

The tasting today is your typical, run of the mill, 12 year old Glenlivet. This is a whisky at 40% alcohol by volume from the Speyside region of Scotland. The distilliery was established in 1824 by George Smith. Glenlivet is a standard setter in whisky and along with Glenfidditch, helped popularize single malts in recent years.

The colour is a light gold, fairly clear. Looks a bit like apple juice. The legs run thin and quick.

On the nose, I pick up faint hints of vanilla and apple. A bit of citrus mixes in towards the end. Very light though overall and by no means an overwhelming aroma.

To the tongue, it comes on soft and smooth but slightly chewy. There’s some wood to it along with some apple. The flavours are soft and result in a very easy to drink whisky. A second glass of this could be easily consumed without feeling overwhelmed by the flavour and intensity, unlike some others I have tasted recently.

The finish starts with the fruit and turns into chocolate. Not dark chocolate like some of the others, but milk chocolate. Reminds me of some of those Easter chocolates. It is smooth, but milky and sweet. The finish does not last very long, but satisfies regardless and invites you to pick up the glass quickly for another taste.

Some water brings out more of the aroma. Same character as before, but more apple and maybe even some pear coming through at this point.

The flavour is more delicate, even silky now. The fruit and wood continue to make themselves known.

The finish is still short and fruity, with the same milk chocolate end.

Overall, a good whisky for everyday drinking and occasions. Due to its soft tones, your guests will not be disappointed, even those who do not regularly appreciate whisky.




2 comments on “Glenlivet 12

  1. […] Overall, the Macallan is the winner due to its more interesting overall profile.  However, the Glenlivet goes down easy and may appeal to a broader base as a result.  I will go ahead and name the Macallan the winner here but stress that the Glenlivet is a good drink as an everyday dram and probably will satisfy more guests at parties and events while the Macallan is more suited to those who already have a more profound appreciation for whisky.  Congratulations to the Macallan, you can find my review of the winner here, and my review of the Glenlivet here. […]

  2. […] My review of the Glenlivet 12 can be found here. […]

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