Clynelish Distiller’s Edition, bottled 2011

What do I know about Clynelish? Very little. wikipedia has very little to say on the distillery and so do most reviews and books I consulted. I found this whisky at the Dallas airport and picked up it out of curiosity. I noticed the SAQ has started to carry it but at a significant premium to what I paid. According to the bottle, this is the Distiller’s Edition, as different from the regular 14 year old. The whisky is double matured Oloroso Seco Cask Wood, though it’s unclear to me what this actually means. My bottle has a Special Release number of Cl-Br: 174-6k. This is a Coastal Highland product at 46% alcohol by volume.

The colour is deep amber with slow running, thick legs. Satisfying to the eye.

Rich on the nose, the aroma is reminiscent of orange, like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange actually.

On the palate, orange, chocolate, cream, and fruit make the rounds.

The finish is long and smooth, warms the mouth after a few seconds and leaves behind a nutty flavour. Nothing of smoke or peat in this one.

Water makes the aroma richer. I added a bit more water than usual due to the higher alcohol content. More orange with some vanilla. Slightly more fruity overall.

The taste is sweeter now. More fruit along with the orange and chocolate. Delightful.

The finish is long though much the same as before. Perhaps a bit more fruit to go with the nut. A satisfying experience.

Overall, this is a surprisingly good find, though it is expensive I was somehow expecting less. The water makes a huge difference with this whisky. The experience is enhanced considerably and I would encourage you to try without and with, adding more than just a few drops. You will not be disappointed with the results.




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