Glen Elgin 12

Once again, I must review a whisky not from my own stash but from that of a friend. The whisky in question is Glen Elgin 12. The distillery that produces this bottling is owned by Diageo and the production is mostly used in blends of Diageo’s other offerings. The only continuous offering of a single malt from this distillery appears to be the standard 12 year old edition with some special offerings once in a while, like a 16 year old cask strength edition released in 2007 and quite rare. I’m sure that can also be read “quite expensive” but may be worth a shot if you could find it. This is a Speyside malt bottled at 43% alcohol by volume.

The spirit is of a nice gold colour, looks quite rich in the bottle and in the glass.

On the nose, a soft fruity, predominantly citrus aroma permeates the senses.

The palate reveals that same fruitiness. Citrus, orange peel, wood, and a hint of nut dance on the tongue and take turns at tingling the sense. The is one of the more obviously fruity and aromatic whiskies I have tasted to date.

The finish is fruity with the taste of wood and nut drying it out. A nice experience overall

Some water appears to release a bit of vanilla on the nose and honey in the flavour. The product is little changed otherwise.

Overall, a reasonable whisky for every day drinking and something to consider in its price range. The Macallan is a better product, but much more expensive…unless you go across the border and can get some back. Consider also the classics like Glenfiddich and Glenmorangie for you fix at a better price point.



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