Knob Creek Single Barrel

A while back I reviewed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. That is the only bourbon I have tasted for this blog to date and it’s time to change that with a tasting of a little known product from Knob Creek. The single barrel from Knob Creek is bottled at 60% alcohol by volume. A bold move that takes the experience to the next level, allowing the drinker to take on more water without adversely affecting the taste. Even a cube of ice could be considered without drawing my glare.

This is a Kentucky bourbon sourced from a single barrel, apparently chosen from amongst the highest quality honey barrels available to the distiller. Most bottlings are a mix of several barrels. It leaves me to wonder how uniform the experience is from one barrel to the other.

The colour is a deep, gorgeous amber. A nine year old bourbon and looking good for all that time in the barrel.

The nose is sweet and the notes of honey are unmistakable. Some spice and cinnamon are present.

The palate is rich. The complex mixture of honey, spice, and cinnamon leaves a warm feeling in the mouth. I feel like this drink would be perfect on a long, cold winter night with a nice book and a comfortable chair. In fact, it reminds be of the taste of the gingerbread men we make for Christmas.

The finish is not particularly long, but intense. Spice, cinnamon, and pepper give way to sweet honey before fading nearly completely in a relatively short time. However, a faint impression of sweetness lingers on the sides of the tongue for quite a while.

Note that this tasting took place with water added from the get go to correct for the alcohol content. If I try this variety without water at some point, I will update this space.

Overall, this is a fantastic whiskey. A wonderful blend of flavours that will assault your senses without offending them. Give this a try if you can find it, I first discovered it in the United States and have seen it crop up intermittently in Quebec. Much less expensive in the US though, I highly suggest you pick it up there if you have the possibility of bringing it back with you.



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