Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select

Back to the good ole USA for this tasting. The Woodford Reserve Distiller’s select is a Kentucky straight bourbon. Woodford Reserve’s Louisville distillery uses copper pot stills and triple distills the whiskey. The product is bottled at 45.2% alcohol by volume. The bottles are individually numbered to indicate the batch and the bottle numbers. The bottle being used for this tasting contains whiskey from batch 152. The bottle number is 07770. I think that’s a full house, so it must be a winner. I’m going all in.

The colour is amber of the rich and dark variety.

On the nose, the sweet aromas of honey, apples, pie crust, and old leather make fine impressions.

On the palate, green apple and sugar, some cinnamon and vanilla, cider, and a hint of oak with smoke undercurrent that intensifies towards the end provide for an exciting tasting experience. A bit of burn from the alcohol adds some bite.

The finish is rather short. Wood and smoke combine with honey and subtle caramel, then quickly vanish. Only a faint, syrupy sweetness lingers.

A few drops of water soften the burn of the alcohol. The nose becomes a bit sweeter and the leather becomes more faint. The flavours remain intense. More fruits come out, the green apple becomes even stronger and some of the pie crust that was felt on the nose starts to come through on the palate. The finish is longer, the sweetness becoming less faint and making a statement. The oak becomes more noticeable throughout.

This whiskey sells for virtually the same price in both Ontario and Quebec.

Overall, this bourbon is a worthy addition to any collection. A cool September evening after a hot late summer’s day accompanies the whiskey perfectly. So would, I assume, a nice cigar.



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