Blanton’s Single Barrel

This tasting goes back to a bourbon. I have been looking for this particular make for quite some time, but it has never been available outside of the United States until very recently. This is good news for bourbon whiskey lovers as Blanton’s Single Barrel Special Reserve is a fine Kentucky straight. The bottle is named for Colonel Albert Bacon Blanton, longtime distillery manager at Buffalo Trace. This expression was created by Elmer Lee in 1984 to honour the memory of Blanton.

The bottle is unique in shape and decor. There’s a horse and jockey on the stopper. The horse is made of bronze and there are eight different poses, each one assigned a letter. Collect all eight and it spells BLANTONS. The label contains crucial information about the spirit inside. The dumping date, warehouse letter, barrel number, rick number, strength, and registered bottle number are all written by hand on the label. My bottle was dumped on August 23, 2011 from barrel number 55. It was stored in Warehouse H on rick number 2. The registered bottle number is 107 and bottled at 40% abv. Apparently, Blanton’s preferred location for aging was Warehouse H, thus all of Blanton’s Single Barrel production is aged there.

In appearance, it’s a deep amber colour. I always take bourbon with a couple of drops of water from the start, so my tasting will take this into consideration. I assume each barrel results in slight variations on the theme, so individual results may vary depending on the barrel.

On the nose, it is honey sweetness with a touch of mint. Some caramel and toffee mix in and the overall introduction is very nice. The mint took me by surprise.

On the palate, very sweet and spicy. The caramel and honey are quite apparent. Vanilla can be tasted throughout. The mint is also available to the palate. I noticed a light char overtone throughout the tasting.

The finish is long and smooth. The honey, spice, and mint remain and round out an excellent experience.

Overall, an excellent whiskey. In Quebec, the SAQ prices this stuff at $81, but it is much less costly in Ontario where the LCBO charges a reasonable $63 for the same thing! New Hampshire sells it for $50. A fine addition to any collection, I highly recommend this whiskey for anyone looking for a a higher end product at a reasonable cost. For Quebec, I recommend waiting for a sale however as the price is quite high and some more interesting Scotch whiskies can be had at around the same price point.



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