Bruichladdich Waves

Bruichladdich has quickly become one of my favourite distillers and I will certainly be reviewing more of their products for these pages. The latest in my series of Bruichladdich tastings is their Waves edition. Though I had tasted it months ago, I recently rediscovered it in a friend’s collection and took some notes for my readers. Bottled at 46% abv at the Islay distillery, this is part of the brand’s Waves/Peat/Rocks line. There’s no age statement here, but inquiring minds will want to know that this whisky is aged in ex-bourbon casks followed by Madeira wine casks. I’ll expect some hints of wine and maybe some of the sweetness that the fortified Spanish wine is sometimes known for.

The bottle, as with all of Bruichladdich products, is nicely designed and presented. A small label shows the striking image of waves hitting rocks on the coast and the trademark “B” appears just above. Bruichladdich is located on the other side of the Bowmore distillery across Loch Indaal and one wonders what kind of rivalry exists in this remote part of the land.

The whisky is a light gold colour and runs thin and fast down the sides of the glass after a good swirl.

On the nose, it is light and sweet, with some apple, cinnamon, spices, honey, and dried fruit.

The palate consists of moderate peat, vanilla, apple, orange slice, hints of wood, a bit of pepper and salt, and a variety if spice.

The finish is medium to long and brings back some of the sweetness of the nose. The peat continues to play its part without overwhelming the senses and the taste of wine finally makes an appearance on the tail end.

I’m not entirely sure how Bruichladdich got so much out of what seems to be a relatively young and fresh whisky but it is absolutely delightful.  Unfortunately, this product is no longer being offered by Bruichladdich.  The Waves was originally intended for the Italian market as a young version of Bruichladdich and eventually found its way into the trilogy mentioned above.  It is a midpoint between Peat and Rocks, with Peat also now being phased out.  Get this very nice whisky while you can at your local SAQ in Quebec, worth the price at about $55.  This bottling is no longer available in Ontario however.



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