Elijah Craig 12-Year-Old

Time to get into another bourbon and shake things up a bit. This entry is a longtime resident of my collection, yet somehow went under the radar until now.

Elijah Craig is named for the Baptist minister who supposedly invented the process of aging his spirit in charred barrels. The distinct bottle is topped by a short neck with an oversized cap and large cork which is clearly visible. The whiskey is bottled at an impressive 47% abv and is of the Kentucky Straight variety. My research has shown that the label has also released an 18-year-old version of its whiskey as well.

The combination of the age statement (still uncommon among bourbons, even more so at 12 years), charming presentation, and limited range of production had lead me to choose this bottle in the first place. Now let’s see if the product matches my expectations.

The whisky is deep amber in colour and demonstrates some thick legs when left to settle after a good swirl.

The nose shows vanilla and spice, honey, and a hint of almond.

The palate is about vanilla and a whole lot of honey, brown sugar, smoke, wood, spices, and, interesting enough, a very tiny hint of cotton candy.

The finish is long and satisfying with rich tones of vanilla and wood. Some sweetness appears with time. Vanilla dominates,

Overall, a very good bourbon. This is a very sweet whiskey, made more interesting by the vanilla that follows through from beginning to end, dominating all the ranges of this experience.  This whisky is available in Quebec at the SAQ (here) for just under $42 while Ontario’s LCBO doesn’t carry it at all.  New Hampshire’s got this on sale at $23 however (click here), well worth picking it up if you’re in the area!!  I would highly recommend this product, it is quite different from many of the Scotch whiskies I have reviewed and even from most other bourbons.  Fabulous value for money in this little gem and it gives some bourbons priced twice as much a good run for their money.

Elijah Craig 12


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