Whisky Showdown! Glenfiddich 15 vs. Bowmore Darkest 15

Today’s edition provides some much needed distraction from a long day who’s end is near. I can think of no better way to celebrate the occasion than by tasting two fine 15-year-old whiskies, the Glenfiddich 15 and the Bowmore Darkest.

In appearance, the Bowmore is darker and richer. The Glenfiddich is no slouch though and looks tempting on its own. The legs on both run slow and thick.

On the nose, the Glenfiddich is more sweet and smooth, with gentle honey and apple tickling the sense. The Bowmore’s peaty and slightly smoky introduction reveals its Islay roots and, despite some sweet undertones of melon, honey, and pear, distinguishes it from the Glenfiddich.

On the palate, the Glenfiddich is sweet and smooth, apple, pear, nuts, caramel, light smoke…nice. The Bowmore is also smooth, but there’s some grit in the consistency at first before it eases into something more delicate. The Bowmore’s sweet spices and peat contrast neatly from the Glenfiddic. Surprisingly, the Bowmore is more sweet despite its peat and smoke. The wood, sherry, and apple pie are made more intense when tasted alongside the Bowmore.

The finish on the Bowmore is sweeter and more satisfying than the Glenfiddich’s wood and vanilla. Both whiskies provide a nice, long finish though and won’t disappoint.

Overall, my preference is for the Bowmore. The Darkest is a more complex whisky for one. Its easy drinking profile and sweet flavours, especially on the finish, earn it high marks with me and will quickly earn your appreciation as well.



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