Aberlour 10

Vigilant readers, if any, will recall that I reviewed Aberlour’s exceptional 16-year-old whisky a while ago. Today, I go back to basics and try Aberlour’s 10-year-old expression for the first time. This beautiful, warm summer’s day in Montreal provides the backdrop for a relaxing moment spent tasting whisky on the deck with few other concerns occupying my thoughts.

Aberlour is an interesting Speyside distillery producing a narrow variety of whiskies which are especially popular in France. The distillery has been around for nearly 200 years in various forms, rebuilt due to fire and changing hands over the years. Quality expressions are a hallmark of this distillery whose name is Gaelic for “mouth of the chattering burn”. The Aberlour 10 is easily differentiated from its cousins as it is bottled in a tall bottle whereas the other expressions are bottled in shorter, wider bottles.

Th Aberlour 10 is bottled at 40% abv and is aged in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon oak casks.

The colour is a warm amber giving off thin, quick-running legs when swirled.

The nose is bold, with dried fruit being the first discernible scent. Some oak comes through and stays in the nose.

The palate starts with apple juice then confirms soft caramel. It tastes young, but vibrant. Sweet spice round off the profile.

The finish is short. Vanilla, oak, spice, some soft traces of nut, and light herbs cram into a small space.

Adding a bit of water opens up the nose considerably. The palate and finish do not appear to be much affected however.

Overall, this is a better whisky than I expected given its age. Easy to drink, it makes a wonderful every day dram and is good for initiation to whisky. I look forward to comparing this to its older siblings in future comparisons and seeing how the additional years in the casks affect the outcome. Available at the SAQ in Quebec for just short of $47, in Ontario the LCBO carries it for $50. I picked it up during a promotional event for about $40 at the SAQ.


Aberlour 10


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