Bruichladdich the Laddie Ten

It had been a while between reviews but I’m glad to say that the time was not wasted. No, the whisky collection has been renewed, bolstered, and refined. I am happy to say a new batch of reviews will guide us through fall and comfort us during those cold winter nights.

So on to the review of a whisky from the Bruichladdich distillery. The Bruichladdich Laddie Ten is the first ten-year-old produced by the new owners of the distillery after their purchase in 2000. The distillery had been closed in 1994 which meant that no 10-year-old could be produced until 2011. The distillery, a Victorian gem on the far west coast of Islay, began producing fresh 10-year-old whisky in September 2011. Since then, they have expanded their range significantly and you will surely have noticed that I have reviewed quite a few of their expressions already. I’m sure this will not be my last experience with Bruichladdich either.

Their flagship product, the Laddie Ten is bottled at 46% abv. The bottle in my possession is dated May 16, 2012 and comes in a nearly clear bottle with minimal labeling. The gift box is Bruichladdich’s trademark light teal colour and neatly packaged.

The colour is a nice light gold. Quick, thin legs run down my glass after a good twirl.

The nose quickly betrays the age of the whisky with young and fresh aromas of red apple and lemon easily distinguished. Some honeydew melon can also be detected with a bit of concentration.

The palate is silky sweet at first, melting into honey and citrus with time. Again, the youth of the product is obvious. However, this is not a knock against the whisky as it is quite pleasant and zesty. Some barley and a hint of chocolate are also qualities that can be enjoyed as the tasting progresses. A warm, sweet, zesty delight for the palate.

The finish does not linger as some older whiskies might, but compliments the experience perfectly. Once more, it is sweet, discrete, and fruity. The taste of fig comes to mind.

A bit fo water doesn’t do much to change the nose, though it does seem to make it more powerful and easier to detect the rich scent of apple. The palate becomes juicier and more intense. The chocolate noted previously turns into a soft memory of hazelnut spread. Continued tasting provides the slightest clue of oak. The finish seems a bit longer and adds nuts and a tiny fragment of hazelnut to it.

Overall, a quality product from Bruichladdich. It is an elegant whisky for its age and a wonderful companion to a night with friends, family, and foe. Available at the LCBO in Ontario for about $63 and $55 in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock in Quebec. I urge you to pick up a bottle post haste and enjoy the refined youth of the Bruichladdich Laddie Ten.


Bruichladdich the Laddie 10