Redbreast 12

After the Green Spot, we were given a tasting of the Redbreast 12. The Redbreast 12 is produced at the Midleton distillery, Ireland’s largest distilling complex. The name comes from the fact that Gilbey’s, a wine merchant, would age the whiskey in their empty casks. When mature, the whiskey looked a sort of brownish red, like a robin’s breast, hence the name.

The whiskey, bottled at an even 40% abv is now matured in sherry casks and aged 12 years.

During the tasting, I indicated that the nose reminded me of vanilla and banana, sweet cinnamon, and caramel topping.

The palate was exquisite, balancing nuts, dried fruit, ginger, and sherry. I found the consistency was oily, but pleasant.

The finish was long and strong in oak, leather, smoke, coffee, and tobacco. Quite sophisticated.

Overall, this is a fine whiskey and a delight to taste. I would definitely recommend a bottle for your collection. Some folks at our tasting thought there was some liquorice in there, but I didn’t catch that quality.

I would consider this to be a reasonable purchase given the quality of the whiskey at the price of $65 in Quebec at the SAQ, $62 in Ontario at the LCBO, and $64 in New Hampshire.



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