Compass Box Great King Street

A trip to Ottawa yielded few spoils, however it allowed me to continue my discovery of Compass Box’s wonderful blends. Compass Box products are hard to find and overpriced in Quebec, but they appear abundant in both quantity and variety in Ontario and much more reasonable in price. The Great King Street blend is bottled at 43% abv and references the building in Edinburgh housing Compass Box.

I happened upon this product while looking for a bottle of the Oak Cross, another reputed offering from Compass Box and bought it over the slightly pricier Oak Cross.

The colour is quite light, amber in hue but looking a bit watery. Quick running, thin legs are apparent when swirled in the glass.

On the nose, it is very soft. Some orange and almond are readily apparent. Apple and vanilla with a hint of pie crust round out the introduction.

On the palate, it’s mostly vanilla. There’s some apple and citrus for good measure. Concentrate slightly and you will catch the light spices and pepper that end up making this whisky stand out from the crowd of blended products in this price range. The palate is soft overall though, making for an extremely drinkable and flexible whisky. This whisky could well be served as an aperitif or accompany an assortment of meals.

The finish is not long, but it’s not short either. It’s full of vanilla and citrus. Some hints of fruity sweetness remain in the background and keep the vanilla from dominating. The very end is honey and sugar.

Overall, a wonderful whisky for seasoned veterans and occasional drinkers alike. It’s great for guests and a suitable party whisky.  Compass Box suggests using it as an ingredient in mixed drinks as well.  I prefer my whisky neat, but probably worth a try to find out how those vanilla notes affect the finished product.  Try to get your hands on this one, it will leave you wanting more. So far I have only seen it in Ontario and at under $50, it’s a reasonably priced whisky and enjoyable under any circumstance.