Compass Box The Peat Monster

A recent addition to my collection, The Peat Monster by Compass Box is yet another blend from this fine company. Having greatly enjoyed The Spice Tree, my first exposure to this blender, I hope to try all their bottlings in due time. Compass Box states that this is a balanced whisky, using Islay and Speyside single malts to produce a finely tuned whisky for peat lovers. The whisky is aged in first fill and refill American oak.

The whisky is light in colour, amber hue. The legs of this 46% alcohol by volume whisky run thick and slow.

On the nose, surprisingly peaty. OK, not surprisingly…the thing is called Peat Monster after all. Though the peat overwhelms, there is some sweetness to the aroma, hinting of raisin and dried fruit along with the faintest whisper of rose petal.

On the palate, peat and smoke, smoke and peat, peat, then some more smoke. Oak and nut some raisin and a hint of honey. Chewy texture.

The finish is long and satisfying. Oak, smoke, peat, a bit of spice and black pepper.

Some water brings out some more fruit on the nose. The palate becomes richer, deeper, more complex. The spice in the finish from my initial tasting comes through on the palate. The fruitiness is entwined with the peat. But make no mistake, it remains monstrously peaty and smokey. The finish continues to be strongly peated and smokey.

This is a deep, rich whisky. Complex and finely blended, perfect for a cool, rainy evening. This whisky has won a few awards, including s gold medal in 2006 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. You can find this in at the SAQ in Quebec, but you’ll have to do some searching. It’s also about $71 vs $60 in Ontario where it is widely available.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy peat and smoke in their whiskies, otherwise you may wish to pass on this one.