Bowmore 12

With this review, I am going back to a standard issue 12 year old scotch sold at 40% alcohol by volume. Bowmore is known for peaty and smoky whiskies and this is the least aged version in its range. This is an Islay distillery, dating to 1779 according to the bottle. The colour is a nice gold and running quick and thin when swirled in the glass.

The smell is smoky off the bat and gives way to some peat. Slightly sweet, like fruit that has sat out on a table too long. Specifically, it brings to mind apple, banana, and pineapple. You may disagree though and I would love to understand how you interpret this rich and satisfying scent.

On the tongue, it is quite smooth. It starts off sweet but yields the smoky flavour the brand is famous for. Some peat comes through as well, but it is quite different from the Bunnahabhain cruach mhona I reviewed earlier. The peat in the Bowmore mixes with the smoke rather than presenting itself distinctly and apart. Quite delicate, but there nonetheless.

The finish is of a good length and leaves behind hints of smoke and wood. Some dark chocolate makes its way out just before the sensation fades completely.

Some water enhances the smoky, fruity smell and taste. The overall change with a few drops of water is that you end up with a more velvety texture and a richer, smoother tasting experience. The finish remains much the same.

Recommended, but I get the feeling this drink ages wondefully and exposes many flavours and aromas that the 12 year aging period could not accomplish. I anticipate acquiring a 15 year old bottle at some point to put my theory to the test.




3 comments on “Bowmore 12

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